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Personal Mission

As non-surgical musculoskeletal treatment continues to evolve, the successful physician will be one that is able to stay current with the latest research. I believe that my success as a physician relies on my ability to use the knowledge I have to educate my patients and empower them with the tools to be active in their own treatment. I have extensive knowledge successfully co-managing patients within a multidiscipline setting that includes interventional pain management and physical therapy. I have worked with every level of athlete from the weekend warrior to professional level athletes from multiple sports, and believe in providing that same quality of care to the everyday patient.


Dr Davis is Doctor of Chiropractic from the USA, board-certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners since 2010.  Since entering practise he has continued to pursue top-quality continuing education to expand his skill set.  Besides modern Chiropractic care, he is trained in functional rehab and manual therapy, allowing him a more complete approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries.

Dr Davis’s CV

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UpandRunning Sports Medical Center

Dr Davis is a Chiropractor at UpandRunning Sports Medical Center on Al Wasl Rd. In Jumeira and UpandRunning Medical Center in DIFC’s Gate Village 2.

UpandRunning Sports Medical Center is a comprehensive medical centre that includes the services of multiple health professions including Sports Medicine doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, and Personal Trainers.

This comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal care ensures that you as a patient can rest assured that your condition will be treated thoroughly, effectively, and efficiently.

In addition to our in house team of experts we also have visiting Orthopedic Surgeons should our patients require a surgical answer to their condition.

As you can see no matter the nature of your complaint or severity of your issue we have the required specialist to get you better!

For more information about the clinic please visit:

What to Expect

As a new patient here is what you can expect.  Your initial visit will be a 45-minute visit with the Chiropractor that will include the initial examination and an initial treatment.

Follow up visits will be 30 minutes in length.  Depending on your issue your treatment may consist of Chiropractic adjustments, targeted manual therapy, modalities such as cupping, dry needling, and kinesiotaping, along with education and custom prescribed exercises.

You may call your insurance prior to your visit to discover your Chiropractic coverage.  You may or may not require a referral for the Chiropractor.  No worries if you need a referral as we can arrange a visit with our Sports Medicine doctor to obtain a referral should you be a candidate.  You will pay your visit and your doctor will provide you with a claim form that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement.


For appointments, you can call +971 4 518 5400 and ask for an appointment with our Chiropractor, Ryan Davis.  You may also send a WhatsApp message to schedule by clicking the WhatsApp logo.

Dr Davis works out of both our Al Wasl Rd and DIFC clinics.

Hours are as follows:

Al Wasl location:

Sunday: 2-8:30 pm

Tuesday: 7-1:30pm

Saturday: 8am-6pm

DIFC location:

Monday: 7-1:30pm

Wednesday: 2-8:30 pm

Thursday: 7 am-6 pm

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