High-Performance Healthcare for Dubai’s Busy and Active

High-Performance Healthcare for Dubai’s Busy and Active


If you’ve been working in or around DIFC in the past few months, you may have noticed our new clinic going up in Gate Village. It turns out that serving high performers from the world of business is not all that different from serving high-performance athletes.


By providing a higher quality, efficiently delivered healthcare option for DIFC’s workforce, we hope to boost productivity and lower costs for the businesses in the immediate area.

High-Performance Healthcare for Dubai’s Busy and Active


A Quick Look at the Numbers


The monetary effect of pain in the workplace is so staggeringly high that it’s almost hard to believe. This is due to the two-fold effect of pain: the direct costs of healthcare and the resulting reduction in productivity.


In the US alone, the total incremental costs of healthcare due to pain ranged from $261 to $300 billion, and the value of lost productivity ranged from $299 to $334 billion.


Health economists from John Hopkins University reported the costs of chronic pain to be as high as $635 billion dollars, making it more costly than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.


And it’s not just missed days at work.


Presenteeism is a new term that describes employees that, despite showing up for work, massively underperform due to health issues. The cost of presenteeism for employers is reported to be 10 times higher than absenteeism, with cost estimates in the US alone of $1,500 billion dollars. Yes, that’s 1.5 trillion dollars!


Health, the Newest Competitive Advantage


So, the secret is out: poor health and pain have a massive impact on employee productivity and bottom-line numbers but relax; it’s not all bad news. Simply taking better care of your health can give you a very real competitive advantage.


Historically, the biggest issues afflicting office workers are low back pain, neck/shoulder pain, and overuse injuries like tennis elbow. Occurring at an epidemic and ever-escalating rate, these conditions respond very well to the chiropractic care, skilled manual therapies, and targeted exercise that we offer at UpandRunning.


By being proactive about resolving your aches and pains no matter how trivial they may seem, you can add days or weeks to your work year, while also boosting the effectiveness of your workday.


Your Time is More Valuable than Money


We realized that there is only so much time in the day and that if we were going to effectively serve the busy workforce of DIFC then we needed to create an easy-to-access and efficiently delivered model of healthcare.


Fortunately, through our experience working with high-level athletes, we already have the technical know-how to get our patients back to 100 percent as fast as possible. The last step was putting a clinic in the heart of Gate Village so that world-class healthcare is just a short walk away. No need to travel across town, battling traffic and fighting for parking.


So, whether you are a weekend warrior or just want to be more effective in the workplace, we hope you will turn to UpandRunning for your healthcare needs!


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