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Ryan Davis Ryan is a US-trained clinician that enjoys helping weekend warriors navigate the path from pain to performance. He has extensive experience in sports injuries, having served as the team clinician for multiple professional, semi-professional, and collegiate sports teams in the US. As a certified Titleist Medical Professional, he helps golfer’s of all skill levels reach their maximum potential. He lectures at CrossFit boxes all over the US on functional movement assessment and optimisation, and has treated every level of CrossFit athlete from beginner to Games level athletes. Check out His CV



It’s time to replace the growing trend of fast food medicine and profit driven healthcare with a high quality, patient-centered approach. As a patient you can expect a modern, evidence based approach without unnecessary testing or over treatment in the name of profit.

Weekly I hear from patients that have been over medicalized, given unnecessary or outdated treatments, or even outright taken advantage of, without any real resolution or answer for their problems. Nothing makes me happier than easing their concerns and returning them to an active, pain-free life.


In a world of gimmicks and profit focused healthcare we intend to stand as a beacon of quality, evidence based care. At the end of the day a doctor that cares about patients over profit can be hard to find, but you can breathe easy knowing that our sole focus is getting you better quickly.

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